One of the most amazing places in Montenegro is Skadar Lake, which is a wild wonder waiting to be explored. Indescribable and in many ways unique, with the size of 391km2. It is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula and it is a cryptodepression. It means that in some parts the bottom of the lake is below sea level. Such parts are called Eyes and there are about 30 of them. Lake consists of 6 parts: Large, Little and Wolf’s mud, flooded valley of Crnojevica River, bay and basin Hotski. Skadar lake nests in Zeta-Skadar valley, keeping contact with Bojana River to the Adriatic Sea.

Due to its geographic position and sub Mediterranean climate, it is one of the most important habitats of swamp birds in Europe, right after the river Danube delta. There are around 280 bird species on the lake, including the rare curly pelican. It is now a trademark of the National Park. Territory of the lake is a witness to indescribable beauty with its overgrown coast. Splendid bays, capes and islands with numerous monasteries, churches and holy monuments.

This tour is perfect choice for discovering all natural beauties of NP Skadar Lake and to meet with traditional ways of life in this part of Montenegro. Cruising past the ancient fishing villages you can freshen up with a dip in the lake from the boat or at beach. There’s no feeling like gliding around the lake, through the lily pads and looking out for birds.

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