Montenegro as a country full of contrasts and one of the most amazing places on Earth. Despite its size, nowhere else in the world you will not find so much natural diversity like here. With amazing beaches, breathtaking rivers, clear lakes and wild high mountains, Montenegro is an ideal place for those who like untouched nature. One of the greatest treasures of Montenegro are its National Parks.

During this tour, you will have opportunity to see and feel all outstanding beauty of National Parks. You will be able to walk through the forest hundreds of years old, enjoy in chirping of birds, rustle of leaves and clean air.

National Park Biogradska Gora is an untouched forest with trees over five hundreds of years old, large mountain slopes and tops, glacier lakes at altitude of 1820 meters and easy accessible Lake located at very entrance to the Park. Lake Biograd’s emerald green waters surrounded by forest are the spark for admiration. Lake Biograd is the biggest and most accessible of the six glacier lakes in the park. There is an easy 3.5km walk around the lake.

Durmitor National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks in this part of Europe. Special charm to the beauty of Durmitor massif gives 18 glacial lakes called mountain eyes, at altitudes above 1500 m. The largest and most attractive is the Black Lake.

If you wish to experience wild beauty, National Parks of Montenegro are right choice for you.

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