Impressive tour through the Bay of Boka which is one of the Mediterranean’s most distinctive and striking landscapes. It is located on the south side of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by mountains of 1000-1700 m rising directly from the water. The bay is about 28 km long with a shoreline extending 107.3 km. The narrowest section of the bay, Verige Strait, is only 340 m wide at its narrowest point.

On this Boka Bay tour you will have opportunity to see a lot of monuments of the medieval architecture. Certainly a countless of churches, palaces of the wealthy families, museums, stylishly made gates and a great number of stairs. Major tourist attractions are Old town Kotor and Perast, little baroque place near Kotor.

Old town Kotor extraordinary city included in the UNESCO world heritage list, is located on the banks of Kotor Bay. For centuries this part of the word was intersection off different cultures. Luckily, they left their significant traces visible in present times. If you happen to be in Kotor during the carnival, grab your mask and join in the festivities. Take in the vibrant colors of the unique costumes and Kotor’s Mediterranean charm. You can also discover shellfish farmes in the heart of Boka Bay.

During your visit to Perast you will see numerous sacred monuments. The most beautiful buildings were built in the 17th and 18thcentury. In front of this little fishermen village two islands are situated. St. Djordje from the 12th century and “Our Lady of the Rock” build in 1630. The story of the origin of this islet and the church itself is quite interesting. You will embark on the boat and go toward the island Our Lady of the Rock.

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