This tour gives you an opportunity to see the most attractive sites of Montenegro, both, Seaside and Mountains.

Also history and nature, attractions together with tasting a spirit of local living.

Cetinje was founded in the 15th century by Ivan Crnojevic the last ruler of strong medieval state of Zeta, and it was the historical capital of Montenegro for five centuries. There are plenty of museums and historical sites to see like: Central National Library, the National Museum of Montenegro, the Archives of Montenegro, the Republic Institute for Preserving Cultural Heritage and the Zetski Dom Montenegrin Royal National Theater and King Nikola´s palas. The oldest – and for a long time the most important

– cultural institution in the town is the Monastery of Cetinje. The Monastery treasures two great Christian relics: the hand of Saint John the Baptist and a piece of the Holy Cross.

On your way back to the Bay Kotor of this tour will than take you to the village Njeguši – the birth place of famous Njeguš, the godfather of the nation – for a smoked ham tasting.

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